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Rhythmic VS Standard Gymnastics

I got a chance to catch some of the Rhythmic Gymnastics (gymnastics has always been my favorite event) and I was debating on which I like better. While Gymnastics to me always seemed to be harder I have to say I have changed my mind. I was watching these girls last night catching these objects with their feet…THEIR FEET! They would throw these things in the air do a couple of flips and than perfectly without missing a beat catch them however and it just amazed me. Rhythmic Gymnastics is also very beautiful and more artistic to me. I think in the end I think I prefer Rhythmic Gymnastics. Being that I am a ballet dancer it just appeals to me more maybe. I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t do more coverage of it, but I got my fix and I am very please. Also I thought they did trampolining (or at least they did do it) maybe I just wasn’t awake for it. O.K. I’m going to go unpack some more stuff. I still have so much to do and school starts Tuesday (for me) so talk about stressful!


23 August 2008, 8:29 am
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I finally got my add from Ping.FM. Right now we’re still loading stuff into the moving vans. Today is going to be a really long day I can tell.

College Inconvience 101
22 August 2008, 7:43 am
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First off let me say that Hooray we’re moving into our new house tomorrow! I am sooo ready to get away from the hussle and bussle of city life (well at least 30 minutes away) and I’m so ready to leave my current job. Its just really stressing me out and I want to be done with it!

Now in regards to the title of this entry. I was talking to my cousin Jenn last night who lives in New Orleans and I asked her how school was going. Unfortunately for her it was not going so good and she was strongly considering dropping all her classes. She lives on the Westbank so the school she attends is the Westbank campus. Now you’d expect all your course work and such would be centered around where you go to school, but this is not the case. As she got into detail I realize how inconvient the school was rather than a help to her. She explained to me how her classes asked for field work yet the teachers could give them no options for the Westbank? Instead they have to drive all the way out to the Eastbank to do their work which is ridiculous! Apparently these teachers haven’t been keeping up with the gas prices and she made some good points. She works part-time and has a husband and kids she doesn’t have the convience of just skipping work to go read a book to some kids. If she skips a day of work she doesn’t get paid for it and that’s money that could be used for gas, bills, etc. Than she has to pick her kids up from school and she just doesn’t have time to run here and there especially considering she doesn’t get off til 4 the programs she’s required to go to end at 4. The only option they give her is to drive all the way to the Eastbank at night mind you to take a hybrid class. Um…are these Westbank classes or not? It’s just absurd and I told her to write to the Dean. Most Community Colleges are for people who have to work, maybe have families, etc. and need something convient. I told her that this was more of a burden than a help and that they need to make school more accessible for people like her. She signed up for an ONLINE class therefore shouldn’t the work be online? Oh no she still has to drive all the way out to the Eastbank for field work…on an ONLINE class. So stupid. Anyways I just needed to vent for her sake 🙂

Oh and btw my next doctor’s appointment is Tuesday afternoon wish me luck!

2 Weeks Notice
20 August 2008, 12:31 pm
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I wasn’t planning on putting in my 2 weeks notice until the end of September but the mess I walked into this morning just forced me to do otherwise. I can only tolerate so much and these people are just ridiculous. If I’m not here they just are as sloppy as they want to be and just throw stuff where ever. Than my boss wonders why I don’t feel like they take me seriously or respect me its cause they don’t. My boss is a little upset that I’m going only because I’m one of the only people who is good at filing and is willing to do it, but not anymore. Plus I got offered to teach full-time at the dance school I go to so it all worked out in the end.

New Computers All Around
19 August 2008, 1:51 pm
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This morning I was checking my email updating some sites etc. and all of a sudden my computer just crashed on me. I thought it was no big deal I’d just restart it and be on my way, but it had a different plan. The screen was fine, but the computer wouldn’t even turn on. I started panicking after a while because all my stuff is on there all my school work, my imaging software, etc. Ugh! After some time I just gave up. I figured it wasn’t worth all the trouble I mean the computer was at least 4 years old and it was kind of time to upgrade it. I called my husband who was at work (he went in to finish up some stuff, but he was scheduled to get off early anyways) and explained to him the problem. He too was not very surprised and told me as soon as he got home we’d head off to Best Buy. They had advertised that they were doing their 2 Years No Interest deal (on everything $999 and up) so we figured we had nothing to lose. I started researching on the internet to see what exactly we were going to get and it hit me. I have wanted a Mac for sooooo long and now was the perfect time to invest in one! Now we had another problem…desktop or laptop?  The laptop would be really good for school and we could come home and plug it in to use like a desktop no big deal, but the desktop seemed more logical since we would both be using it and the laptop would prevent us from doing so, but I’d have to wait to consult my husband. When he finally came home we went to Best Buy and shocker it was almost empty! SWEET! I guess since all the little geeky gadget kids are in school so they don’t have time to waste at Best Buy playing video games. We got helped right away and now the decision making started. After discussing everything and realizing that we had plenty of money to pay the bill off within a month (We used money we recieved as a wedding present to pay the bulk) and we ended up with…

We Got Both!

We Got Both!

…both! LoL! We needed the laptop for school and the desktop for at home. It seemed easiest to do it this way so I am happy to say that we are done with Windows! YES!!!! They were really easy to setup too I was pleasently surprised. I also ended up buying The Sims 2 just so we’d have something to do since we can’t really use any of our old programs until we partition our Mac’s to hold Windows. I’m completely addicted. I have never played it before, but it’s safe to say I am officially a Sims 2 addict. Bad bad stuff. Oh and I will be soooo happy when we move and I don’t have to stare at the pepto bismol pink wall anymore! We’re officially moving into our new house Saturday! YAY!

I hate moving!

I hate all the extra stuff that comes along with it. For a couple we sure keep a lot of junk. The worst junk I found is I actually kept my school uniform from high school. Why did I keep it? Hell if I know! Lucky for me I have a cousin who goes to my old alma mater so I’m just going to give them to her, but good grief! I also found that my husband has a hidden stash of those flattened pennies you put images on when you go places. He can be such a tourist in his own city sometimes. I found quite a few from the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences which we live about 30 minutes away from and a collectors cup from an Astros game we went to in July. LoL! God love him. I hope our new house doesn’t end up like this one did. I’m going to try my hardest to throw away as much as possible, but knowing my husband he’ll protest,“But that gum wrapper I found it on our first date to the movies you can’t throw it away it means something!” I’m even going through our clothes so wish me luck I’m going to need it.

Michael Phelps
17 August 2008, 7:35 am
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Hooray for him winning his 8th medal! Take that! 🙂 Not like we didn’t all know he was going to do it, but it’s just nice to see him go through with it. I never really watched swimming until he came around and today I was going through Photobucket and wow…wow…Michael Phelps is kind of hot in a geeky way. Here’s my proof…[Oh and I added “All The Pretty Faces” by The Killers at the bottom because for some reason whenever I hear it I think of Michael Phelps. Ha!]

Holy Hot!
Holy Hot!